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August 2017

Adventures In Eating: The Wildest Meals We’ve Had

Food should be an adventure. It should expand your horizons and heighten all your senses. That’s what we think, anyway, and so our staff is always trying new things so they can enrich the restaurant. Most of the time it’s wonderful, but sometimes? It gets a little wild. We surveyed our people to find out the craziest things they’ve ever eaten, and the answers will make you realize that they’re not just talented at running a restaurant; they’re pretty brave, too! Julio Martinez, Executive Chef at Brimstone Pines: Sea Urchin Better known from high-school science experiments, the sea urchin has a strangely buttery flavor and a slick texture. It’s not always an easy thing to eat raw, but cooked or stuffed this marine delicacy packs a load of flavor. Mariane Munhoz, Manager at Brimstone Pines: Frog Legs & Ostrich If you’re from the south,...

Four Corners: Latin Flavors at Brimstone

This article is part of a series, “Four Corners,” that explores the way our chefs are inspired by traditional cuisines throughout the world.   Here in South Florida, the tastes of Latin America are never far away. Garlic, peppers, and the smell of homemade sauce are the keys to childhood memories all over the state. When a guest sits at our table, we want to bring those warm feelings to the surface. That’s why you’ll find accents of those warm, homey cuisines all throughout our menu. Sometimes the inspiration is obvious, like with our Peruvian Ceviche and jalapeño cream, but sometimes, like with our Coconut Crusted Lobster Roll, the touch is a little more subtle. Read on to see how these traditional flavors come to life to make our unique and adventurous menu possible.   Mahi Napoleon Mahi Napoleon is a Brimstone original that puts...