Brimstone Restaurant Group
Everyone deserves the best guest experience possible.

Our Story

It’s not easy being a Pioneer…

An Explorer. A Free-Thinker. But that sense of adventure and boldness is ingrained in our bones. It’s not something we invented – it’s a two hundred year tradition of the American way of life and what happens when you’re wholly connected to the American Spirit of innovation, ingenuity and a passion for great food and adventure.

It’s with that sense of connection and our family’s heritage of curiosity and kindness, that we boldly set out across the country — and the world — in search of the next great meal, discovering new recipes and friends along the way. When we return to our kitchen, we reminisce not just about the flavors of the food we encountered, but on the unforgettable stories that surrounded our journey and the emotional connections we created.

We talk through the night as our chefs stoke the flames of our live-fire grills, bringing to life those precious travel-moments in the form of from-scratch dishes that we ultimately share with you. In life, as in food, it’s the variety, simplicity and real connection that makes everything that much sweeter. We invite you to share in our memories and stories and encourage you to create your own as you experience a world-inspired meal that’s imaginatively American.

We Are

Our goal is to share our passion for food, music and all the other diversions we love. Our inspiration is fueled by our travels throughout the country in search of the next great meal, collecting memories and mementos along the way. The result is authentic spaces and imaginative, from-scratch dishes and cocktails that are as timeless and unique as the heart of the American Spirit. At the core, we believe in fostering happiness, in giving generously, and in providing the best possible guest experience and having a great time doing it.


BRG has one simple core value: Everyone deserves the best guest experience possible. For BRG, to be hospitable means to welcome people into our restaurants as if we’re welcoming an old friend into our home. It’s being generous and graceful above all else. We train hard so we can become experts in our surroundings, which allows us to focus all of our attention on the guest’s needs.

We never say the word “no”; instead, we find a way to get what our guest wants that satisfies their needs and maintains the integrity of who we are and what we provide. There may be a limited supply of what we serve, but there are never limits on how we serve. By continually listening to our guests, we can make their great experience even better in the future and create beautiful memories together that will last a lifetime.


The BRG brand cherishes 4 principles: Authenticity, Imperfectly-Hip Style, Easy Generosity and Undeniably Cool.

Each restaurant is a reflection of the streets in which it resides. This bold, individually-tailored approach is the only way we do things and leads us to a discovery that makes it exciting for us and our guests. Our authentically-hip approach is what binds each restaurant together as we focus on one thing: giving the best possible guest experience while having a fantastic time doing it.

Yes, we are imperfect. And we love it.

But only because that imperfection is born out of the simple fact that we are a scratch-kitchen on a live-fire grill. Our food is not only the freshest you can buy, but every dish is homemade, so the subtle variations stem from our beautiful people, and how it is served is a reflection of the local area. It’s this pure focus on authenticity, imperfectly-hip style and our raw passion for incredibly tasty food and drinks with an easy generosity that makes the experience undeniably cool for everyone.



There’s just something about the kitchen that inspires a passion in us. It’s that cozy atmosphere that comes when friends gather around to share a home-cooked meal. We don’t know exactly where it stems from, whether it’s the warmth of the oven, the buzz of libations or the left-over ingredients we nosh on as we fall into easy conversation. But that environment has an energy that draws everyone together.

It’s a place that cultivates openness — where stories flow as freely as the wine, where laughter is shared over a batter-covered spoon, and a chaotic harmony that speaks to a relaxed evening spent in good company.

At BRG, we translate the uninhibited connection and raw energy of that cozy kitchen into the spaces we share with you. We’re all about eating without barriers, of rubbing elbows with good friends and of sneaking that last bite from the bowl when nobody is looking. With us, you can eat freely and live freely. We are your kitchen away from home.



There’s no predicting what can happen when we walk up to the bar. It’s one of life’s greatest anticipations. From that first clink of the glass, we toast to the beginning of an unexpected journey.

The bar is a place where we reconnect with our spirit of adventure. A place where our closest friends are met and made. Where we freely exchange our ideas, our fears, our hopes and our dreams with glistening eyes. Where the impossible becomes possible again, if only for the night.

Whether over bubbles, brew, whiskey or wine, we’d like to share that sense of adventure with you, to awaken that American Spirit that lives in all of us. We’ll pour, shake or stir your favorite libation while the music beats deep within your heart. We’ll share in your stories and your endless possibilities. And know that the next time you return, we’ll call you by name.