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What’s “American,” Anyway?

If you asked someone to name American foods, you would probably accept an answer like “hamburgers,” or “country fried steak.” You’d roll with “baked potatoes” and give a pass to “cauliflower mash.” If someone said “alligator,” you’d have to agree on geographical grounds, but the philosophical case is strong too. What’s more American than overcoming a mean-spirited, leathery predator for the sake of a tasty meal? (And before you ask, yes, alligator is delicious. Ikechi Ajoku from Brimstone Doral even ate the tongue once, and gives it his blessing.) So many things seem to fall under the American umbrella that it gets hard to define what “American” food even means. The only trends in the list above are: -Meat -Carbs -Heightened morbidity And that’s not helpful. As a group of American restaurants ourselves, we’re constantly learning about what people expect from their food. Everyone...