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Food of the Family

When Jess Phillips, from Brimstone Doral, was four years old she spent her days with her great grandmother. With more than six decades between the two, you’d think they wouldn’t have much in common except, perhaps, a little trouble walking. But every day, Jess and her great grandmother came together to cook three meals. They covered their hands in waffle mix at breakfast, tossed salads for lunch, and watched pork chops sizzle at dinner.

You probably have similar memories. Maybe you discovered cooking like Paris, our beverage manager, while you were trying to surprise your father with his favorite dish. Or you were like Sharif, in Doral, who snuck out of bed at 4 in the morning to practice cooking from his mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook.

Whatever your relationship with cooking, we all understand the same thing: that food is a powerful way to connect with friends and the ones you love. When we built Brimstone, we knew that our great undertaking was to provide a place where people can come together, grow their relationships, and make new memories.Watching these connections form is one of the most rewarding facets of the whole business. You might see a family come in, stressed and scowling, only to totally unwind when the appetizers arrive. You see total strangers become fast friends over the course of a few drinks at the bar. Under our roof, these stories repeat themselves over and over.

To fellow restaurateurs, we can’t stress it enough. No matter how exquisite your meal is or how thoughtful your wine pairings are, your customer’s experience comes first. That means taking care of your staff, teaching them how to connect with your patrons, and highlighting the human element of the food you serve. And sometimes, it means throwing big, absurd, Halloween parties and inviting a DJ to your brunch.

Whatever works for you, remember that food is more than what we need to survive. It’s an opportunity to share something personal, and to become, even for a moment, family.