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Four Corners: France

French cuisine is an important part of the American tradition. Walk into any early-morning breakfast diner, and you’re sure to find quiches, hollandaise sauce, and creamy soups that warm the heart. For us, French food comes alive on our menu in the form of delicious sauces, citrus garnish, and plenty of herbs to brighten the dishes. The flavors of that beautiful country are a source of constant inspiration for us, and we’re proud to plate them every day for our loyal customers.

Crabs Cakes with Remoulade

Crab cakes have a powerful flavor that demands a winning sauce. Plenty of local sea-food shops will serve delicate cakes with mustards, tartares, or other strong toppings, but who said “strong” is best? We serve our cakes with a smooth and lightly tart remoulade, blended with herbs that turn our already excellent cakes into a distinct culinary experience.

Filet Mignon

Nothing defines steak better than the cut. The French learned that out ages ago. In fact, what we Americans call “tenderloin” is, in France, split into four distinct cuts. The widest, toughest part of the loin is referred to as the “tête de filet,” followed by the narrower “chateaubriand,” the delicate “tournedos,” and finally, the delectable “filet mignon.” The average steer yields only 500g of filet mignon, which means that whenever our chefs prepare it for you, they only have one chance to cook it to perfection.

Oscar-style Steaks

Béarnaise sauce is a sauce derived from the much-loved Hollandaise. Cut with vinegar and seasoned with herbs like tarragon and shallots, it’s the perfect complement to lean meats and fish. Order one of our steaks “Oscar style,” and you’ll get to experience this delicate sauce drizzled over your choice of meat and spears of grilled asparagus. It’s a crowd-pleaser every time, and one of our first recommendations to people looking for dinner.

Shrimp and Grits

Louisiana Cajun might be an American style of cooking, but its roots lie in decades of French cooking. We bring the fusion cuisine into the limelight every Sunday for brunch with our expertly cooked plates of shrimp and grits. Our jumbo shrimp are seared to perfection, the grits are cooked just right, and the whole dish is topped with corn salsa and smothered in a savory Cajun cream sauce. It’s one of our most popular plates, and once you try it, you’ll find out why!


Everywhere you look, French traditions have served as an inspiration for American classics throughout the nation. We hope that when you walk through our doors, you’ll find all the comforting classics – and fresh innovations – that you come to expect from this timeless cuisine.