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Four Corners: The Pacific Rim at Brimstone

This article is part of a series, “Four Corners,” that explores the way our chefs are inspired by traditional cuisines throughout the world.

From Tokyo to Honolulu, the Pacific Rim offers endless inspiration. Sweet meats, fermented spices, and the tang of vinegar bring surprising new combinations to the palette. That’s why we’ve imported these flavors, over thousands of miles of open water, to find a home on our menu. We believe that by presenting a truly global cuisine, we can capture the best of America’s shared heritage and share it with our delighted patrons. Just look at what we’re making.


Whether it’s being shared with cocktails or kicking off a rich meal, sushi is a staple at many of our restaurants. Its light, fresh flavors make it the favorite snack for many fans, and it’s a great place for our chefs to experiment. Our coconut-crusted lobster roll is our crowning achievement: a rippling medley of sweet, savory, and subtle spice that took months to perfect.

Poke Stack

Is it our most photogenic dish? It might just be. The traditional poke is a fish salad from Hawaii, consisting of raw fish with either local seasonings like inamona, or borrowed ones like furikake. It’s a versatile dish, and our version comes piled high with avocados, ginger, and sauce to transform it into a mosaic of flavors.

Shrimp Thai Pizza

Clever use of nuts is one of the signatures of Thai cuisine. We’ve borrowed that savory trick and used macadamias to garnish our own Shrimp Thai Pizza. Topped with fresh seafood and spicy-sweet bite of firecracker sauce, it’s an adventurous crowd-pleaser that always hits the spot.

Ahi Tuna Salad

Ocean-fresh fish meets salt, sesame, and ripened mango in our signature salad. Rounded out with asparagus greens and sprigs of cilantro, we build up a flavor that’s tart, lively, and satisfying all at once. And did we mention that it’s very, incredibly, good for you? Because it is.

Next time you join us for lunch and dinner, why not expand your horizons with one of these artful plates? And if you can’t see us specifically, we hope you’ll be inspired to try new foods wherever you are. Remember: America’s a melting pot. Make the most of it!