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Four Corners: The United States

The American Tradition has always been a “melting pot,” where we welcome and blend cultures from across the globe. But hundreds of years of shared culture have led to more than borrowing: we’ve made plenty of inventions all on our own. For us, the flavors of woodsmoke, thickened gravy, and the sweet bite of barbecue are all symbols of our pioneering spirit. That’s why the grill is so important to us. It’s a memory of where we’ve been, and a tool to go where we’re going.

Slow-Cooked Baby-Backed Ribs

There might be nothing more American than baby-back ribs. Slow-roasted and finished on the wood fire, our house ribs have a distinct smoke flavor that you can’t mistake. Once we baste them with homemade BBQ sauce and serve them up with freshly cut fries, you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a king.

Bourbon Street Pasta

Start with double-smoked andouille sausage, perfectly grilled chicken, and fresh-caught jumbo shrimp. Toss with sauteed peppers, scallions, and spices. Bathe in a creamy, cajun sauce and serve over delicate penne pasta. Don’t forget the wine and parmesan. Follow these instructions, and you’ll have yourself a plate of Bourbon Street Pasta, a signature dish of Cajun cuisine, and a favorite addition to our American tradition.

Applewood Smoked Bacon and Ham

Pork was a staple for our earliest pioneers, and learning how to artfully smoke it was a skill passed down through the generations. We honor those first, brave, cooks with a brunch special consisting of simply prepared ham and bacon, sautéed with mushrooms and served up with fresh fruit. It’s a hearty, filling plate that seems to speak straight to the American Spirit

She Crab Bisque

A delicacy of New England, she crab bisque takes its name from the traditional inclusion of crab roe. Packed full of Atlantic Blue Crab, roe, herbs, and a splash of sherry, this soup has is an all-American original that we’re proud to serve every day. Enjoy it as part of a rich meal, or even just to round out your cocktail hour. The choice is yours, however you like it!

To be an American restaurant is to embrace new ideas without letting go of your roots. It’s the foundation that our country was built on, and one we’re proud to maintain. No matter what we add to our menu, we think you’ll find the distinctly American spirit in all of our foods, and we invite you to celebrate our shared heritage every time you dine.