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Destination: Acapulco

When she was 13 years old, Stephanie’s family piled into the car, rolled down the windows, and took off into the Mexican countryside. Their destination? Acapulco, one of Mexico’s most cosmopolitan cities. Highways and forests rolled out in front of them, and when they came to one of the region’s plunging valleys, they crossed them with slender bridges. When they drove over the famous Mezcala Bridge, perched at 560 feet, it was like the whole world unfolded for them. That feeling, of the whole world opening up to you, is something you’ll feel if you visit Acapulco yourself. The city thrives on tourism, which means it’s become an important hub of culture, especially if that culture involves food. Chefs from all over the world flock to Acapulco to display their unique creations to the seasonal tourists, and to vie for international...


What Money Can Buy

We like to get to know our staff, so one day we asked them a question: “If money were no object, what would you do?” At the time, we expected dozens of different answers. After all, there are musicians, dancers, and singers on our team. There are master chefs and charity givers. Given the freedom to do whatever they wanted, no two responses should have been alike. But time and time again, our staff responded the same way, expressing the same desire. What did they say? They said they wanted to travel. Stephanie would start in the Netherlands, where she has family, and work her way around Europe. She’d probably run into Sharif in Croatia, who loves the waterfalls there. Allison wants to drink coffee in Italy, and dozens answered just like Sabrina, who says that if money were no object, she would simply...


Food of the Family

When Jess Phillips, from Brimstone Doral, was four years old she spent her days with her great grandmother. With more than six decades between the two, you’d think they wouldn’t have much in common except, perhaps, a little trouble walking. But every day, Jess and her great grandmother came together to cook three meals. They covered their hands in waffle mix at breakfast, tossed salads for lunch, and watched pork chops sizzle at dinner. You probably have similar memories. Maybe you discovered cooking like Paris, our beverage manager, while you were trying to surprise your father with his favorite dish. Or you were like Sharif, in Doral, who snuck out of bed at 4 in the morning to practice cooking from his mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook. Whatever your relationship with cooking, we all understand the same thing: that food is a powerful...


What’s “American,” Anyway?

If you asked someone to name American foods, you would probably accept an answer like “hamburgers,” or “country fried steak.” You’d roll with “baked potatoes” and give a pass to “cauliflower mash.” If someone said “alligator,” you’d have to agree on geographical grounds, but the philosophical case is strong too. What’s more American than overcoming a mean-spirited, leathery predator for the sake of a tasty meal? (And before you ask, yes, alligator is delicious. Ikechi Ajoku from Brimstone Doral even ate the tongue once, and gives it his blessing.) So many things seem to fall under the American umbrella that it gets hard to define what “American” food even means. The only trends in the list above are: -Meat -Carbs -Heightened morbidity And that’s not helpful. As a group of American restaurants ourselves, we’re constantly learning about what people expect from their food. Everyone...