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What Money Can Buy

We like to get to know our staff, so one day we asked them a question: “If money were no object, what would you do?” At the time, we expected dozens of different answers. After all, there are musicians, dancers, and singers on our team. There are master chefs and charity givers. Given the freedom to do whatever they wanted, no two responses should have been alike. But time and time again, our staff responded the same way, expressing the same desire. What did they say? They said they wanted to travel. Stephanie would start in the Netherlands, where she has family, and work her way around Europe. She’d probably run into Sharif in Croatia, who loves the waterfalls there. Allison wants to drink coffee in Italy, and dozens answered just like Sabrina, who says that if money were no object, she would simply...


Tales from the Road: Meet Our Owner, J.R. Anderson

Owner of BRG Restaurant Group, JR Anderson, tells us about his background in restaurant management, his favorite past travels, and what inspires him in his career. Enjoy!   How did you get into the restaurant business? My Dad has been in the restaurant development and site location business for the past 45 years.  So from a very early age we visited new concepts and of course spent a long time in restaurants sampling food and trying to understand the operations of these new concepts. My Dad was the first real estate director for Chi-Chi's restaurants in the early 1980's and owned and operated multiple units. My brother and I would sit and watch my Dad meet with the various managers and discuss operations, and it was there that the restaurant industry fascinated me.   Tell us about a favorite trip you took. I have been lucky...


Tales from the Road: Patricia’s Trip to Denver

Happy New Year! To celebrate new adventures for 2018, we’re recapping Piñon Grill Bartender Patricia’s recent trip to Denver, Colorado. Take a peek and see if you’re not suddenly salivating to hop a plane and explore the Rocky Mountains for yourself! Where did you go? My last trip was to Colorado. I spent time in Denver, saw the Royal Gorge Bridge, hiked in Evergreen, and explored a little bit of Boulder. It was honestly the most beautiful place I have ever been and I can't wait to go back. As we drove through the canyons the beauty of everything around me was so overwhelming it brought tears to my eyes.  What was your favorite food spot on the trip? Mexican food is one of my favorite things to eat so my friend took me to a place called Pinche Tacos (I realize that's a...


Tales from the Road: A Sunset to Write Home About

“Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgandy red, the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries.”  ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road What is it about sunsets? Is it the colors, the feeling in the air, the sense of accomplishment from a long day’s work? Or could it be the impending promise of evening and all its attendant pleasures: dinner, drinks, coziness with loved ones before bed? Whatever the reason, sunsets inspire us and get out creative juices flowing. That’s why we asked our BRG Team to tell us about their favorite sunset experience. Enjoy! What as been your favorite sunset? “Oia, Santorini in July.” -Andres Ocampo “I am an East coast guy. I love sunrises” -Peter Campise “Late fall over looking the mouth of the Tred...


Four Corners: The United States

The American Tradition has always been a “melting pot,” where we welcome and blend cultures from across the globe. But hundreds of years of shared culture have led to more than borrowing: we’ve made plenty of inventions all on our own. For us, the flavors of woodsmoke, thickened gravy, and the sweet bite of barbecue are all symbols of our pioneering spirit. That’s why the grill is so important to us. It’s a memory of where we’ve been, and a tool to go where we’re going. Slow-Cooked Baby-Backed Ribs There might be nothing more American than baby-back ribs. Slow-roasted and finished on the wood fire, our house ribs have a distinct smoke flavor that you can’t mistake. Once we baste them with homemade BBQ sauce and serve them up with freshly cut fries, you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a king. Bourbon...


Four Corners: The Pacific Rim at Brimstone

This article is part of a series, “Four Corners,” that explores the way our chefs are inspired by traditional cuisines throughout the world. From Tokyo to Honolulu, the Pacific Rim offers endless inspiration. Sweet meats, fermented spices, and the tang of vinegar bring surprising new combinations to the palette. That’s why we’ve imported these flavors, over thousands of miles of open water, to find a home on our menu. We believe that by presenting a truly global cuisine, we can capture the best of America’s shared heritage and share it with our delighted patrons. Just look at what we’re making. Sushi Whether it’s being shared with cocktails or kicking off a rich meal, sushi is a staple at many of our restaurants. Its light, fresh flavors make it the favorite snack for many fans, and it’s a great place for our chefs...


Four Corners: France

French cuisine is an important part of the American tradition. Walk into any early-morning breakfast diner, and you’re sure to find quiches, hollandaise sauce, and creamy soups that warm the heart. For us, French food comes alive on our menu in the form of delicious sauces, citrus garnish, and plenty of herbs to brighten the dishes. The flavors of that beautiful country are a source of constant inspiration for us, and we’re proud to plate them every day for our loyal customers. Crabs Cakes with Remoulade Crab cakes have a powerful flavor that demands a winning sauce. Plenty of local sea-food shops will serve delicate cakes with mustards, tartares, or other strong toppings, but who said “strong” is best? We serve our cakes with a smooth and lightly tart remoulade, blended with herbs that turn our already excellent cakes into a distinct...


Adventures In Eating: The Wildest Meals We’ve Had

Food should be an adventure. It should expand your horizons and heighten all your senses. That’s what we think, anyway, and so our staff is always trying new things so they can enrich the restaurant. Most of the time it’s wonderful, but sometimes? It gets a little wild. We surveyed our people to find out the craziest things they’ve ever eaten, and the answers will make you realize that they’re not just talented at running a restaurant; they’re pretty brave, too! Julio Martinez, Executive Chef at Brimstone Pines: Sea Urchin Better known from high-school science experiments, the sea urchin has a strangely buttery flavor and a slick texture. It’s not always an easy thing to eat raw, but cooked or stuffed this marine delicacy packs a load of flavor. Mariane Munhoz, Manager at Brimstone Pines: Frog Legs & Ostrich If you’re from the south,...